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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 12, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. one day after a me morale for a four-year-old boy at the center of an amber alert. the celebrations in cairo are winding down and it's cleanup time now. many say it's back to work tomorrow. we are worried. the celebration and hope for freedom, but we never know. >> bay area egyptians are celebrating their country's new freedom. why they're concerned about what happens next. and a breathtaking site comes to the surface, where these killer whales brought oos and ahhs today. i'm juliette. topping our news, it appears the body of the man suspected of kidnapping a four-year-old central california boy has been found. early this morning, an employee with the delta water authority
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spotted a body floating in the canal near patterson. the stanislaus county sheriff's office says the description of the body and the clothing match that of jose rodriguez. he is suspected of kidnapping giuliani from his grandmother's arms last month. last night, family and friends celebrated the boy's short life. >> although michael's life was short, it was very joyous. and filled with love each and every day. >> giuliani's body was found in that canal february 1. onces say they saw a car matching the description of the kidnapper's plunge into the canal the night of the kidnapping. a parolee is under arrest tonight suspected in the first homicide of the year in a north bay city. found the body of 26-year-old
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katherine gilihan. officers arrested her boyfriend, adam at a nearby taco bell. disa and jilihand lived together. they aren't saying how the woman died. near the scene of that murder, police arrested this man early in the morning. he is suspected of stabbing a man twice in his chest with a knife during a fight. the victim is expected to survive. and now, on to the revolution in egypt. egyptians say they are ready to play a role in shaping their country's future. now that hosni mubarak's nearly 30 years as president are over. egypt's military has the country. they promise a smooth transition to an elected government. protesters want a part in that transition, saying democracy is a new beginning for all.
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and celebrations in cairo's main square are winding down. many protesters plan to head back to work and what might be the next significant step in rebuilding the country. scott goldberg has the details. >> the party lasted into the wee hours of sunday morning as egyptians savored the weekend that made history. >> we are young people and we can make a change and this is what we proved. >> sunday, the workweek gins. the protesters rolled up their slives early saturday, scrubbing down and sweeping up the square where for 19 days, they fought, rallied, and finally celebrated. some decided to head home. >> leaders also promised they would abide by egypt's peace deal with israel. an upsurge of hope spread across the world saturday. in london, gaza, and sudan.
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in washington, d.c. and chicago. many of these rallies were planned as protests before hosni mubarak stepped down. now in new york city and around the world, they turned into celebrations. >> they have shown the world that with protests, they can prevail. >> some protesters vowed to stay. others say they'll return every friday, determined to see the revolution reach a happy end. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. in san francisco today, hundreds of egyptian americans and their supporters channeled and waved egyptian flags. their message calling on egypt to reform it government, stop the abuse, and ensure human rights protection for it people. >> celebrations over president mubarak's resignation are
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happening all over the world. as ann shows us, some egyptians in the east bay are feeling mixed emotions about egypt's future. >> in this orthodox church half a world away from the jubilation in cairo, egypt. mixed reaction to the revolution. >> today is an awesome day. >> i wasn't sure if it was the right thing. >> it was so exciting. >> we are not so exited about what is happening. it's all going to change. >> right now, the future is unknown as the country gets the chance to elect its own new leader. >> we are looking for a system, nonreligious. >> new government could be run by extremists. >> we'll have a lot of strong personalities. >> egyptians in american and ablood don't know what the future will look like. >> you can't wish the same american lifestyle on a country
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that is so different. >> after all the festivities, then comes the real work. > laura knows egypt well. >> i live very close to where all the action was and close to the square. she says watching history unfold was nothing short of amazing. >> i am very excited. we are very happy and looking forward to a great future for egypt. it's our country, we love it. >> but love can breed concern. >> we are worried, i mean, in the surface, it's celebration and hope for the freedom. but we never know. >> e we are happy for the people because they tasted the freedom they always wanted, but we are also praying that the new phase that comes in will be better. in hayward, cbs 5. the family of oscar grant
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kicked off a foundation in oakland. it is the day of empowerful and opportunity. it was held at the east youth look development center. one of the highest qualm activity areas of oakland. >> we decided to bring different services to us in the community. so the people here in this geographical area can have services they need. >> the foundation is teaming up with other programs to help students get training. oscar grant is the unarm bart passenger killed earlly new year's day by former bart police officer following a fight on a train. >> he blacked out before the crash. that's what a taxi driver says is the reason his cab went out of control and plowed into a crowd of people on a sidewalk. it happened early this morning
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outside a restaurant and san diego's gas lamp district. more than two dons people injured. 17 were taken to the hospital. many with broken bones, cuts, and bruises. some are new mexico critical condition. >> probably the most serious was a woman who was pinned against the wall by a cat. her leg was amputated. >> police are investigating why the cab drove up on the sidewalk. they say alcohol does not apore to be a factor and so far charges have not been filed. after the crash, the crowd was angry they beat up the cab driver. he suffer add broken nose. dozens of people have gotten sick after attending an event in los angeles. health officials are trying to find out what it is. it is some sort of respiratory illness. they contacted everyone who attended the february 3 fundraiser. they say they have gotten several reports of breathing
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problems, including pneumonia. one of the attendeis said after the event, he was sick for the next five days with fever, cough, headaches. the representatives are not commenting, except to say they are cooperating with the da health department. it was a whale of a shite just off the coast. a surprise for boaters and these aren't your ordinary whiles. also, a grammy nominee who escaped a dark place. how he did it with some help the burden of proof a little girl who fell down a well. >> i'm with the weather center. it has been something else weather wise, but that is about about to change. her comes the rain. we'll talk about it coming up. ♪
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bay. d e close an amazing day for dozens of tourists enjoying a beautiful day on the san francisco bay. dawn nap on the close encounter they had been hoping for on this one. >> eco tourists looking for whale adventures found themselves on an exotic chase, running with killer whales. >> it blew us away. we were amazed. >> it was the second spotting in three days. after reports the rare visitors were swimming around in monterey bay. it was more up close and personal than any had expected. >> we just sat there. they would be right by the boat and go off in the distance and in groups of four together and four on the other side of the boat and we couldn't even know
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where to look because they were everywhere. >> they may be rare visitors, but not strangers to the scientists who know them by their identifying marks and tractor travels. >> as soon as we get photographs, we get experts calling to identify the pod. they were identified a couple days ago. >> researchers know it's the largest pod with 40 members. why are they here? one environmentalist suggests it's the food. >> we have a great deal of wonderful buffet food sources here in the gulf. so it's not surprising that the orkas would be here. >> whatever brought them, the whale watchers got their money's worth. >> one of the most visually, amazing days ever. >> don knapp, cbs 5. what a gorgeous day. hey, you're over there.
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i wanted to talk whale talk. how are you? >> that video is making you sea seasick, huh? >> i got sick on the disney cruise. >> it was a gorgeous day around the bay area. some nice numbers outside. tonight, we are seeing changes already, beginning to see fog and clouds moving along the coastline. so, a sign of some changes in the works. still going to be a nice day. you'll see lots of sunshine. maybe the warmer spot. 70-degree temperature by tomorrow afternoon. otherwise we have 50 tee 60 out toward the coastline. 48 degrees right now. mostly clear skies. in fair field, 45. in the napa valley and 50 degrees in san francisco. around the state, staying dry for another day, that is about to change as well. 60s and 70s into the central valley. if you're headed up there over the next couple days, make sure you pring your change with you.
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some sprain snow mix is going to move in 6789 the storm clouds get moving and it's going to be on and off all week long. the huge dome of high pressure is about to ship now and break down and head further to the south. that's going to allow the jet stream to move in. tomorrow we'll notice a cool breeze and that breeze will corly with it some fog. you'll notice the fog, maybe a couple patches just inside the bay. as we head through the day, you'll see sunshine inside the bay and plenty of sunshine in the valleys and it should be a comfortable day. this will be it. it's the last one as we will see much cooler temperatures and that wet weather coming in our direction. 69 degrees in morgan hill. 67 in fremont. east bay numbers running into the 60s. maybe squeezing out 70. in brentwood, 68. 65 degrees in walnut creek.
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here we go, folks, things changing. as it looks like that ridge of high pressure moves out of the way and on monday, there's a chance we could see some rain. i think a more impressive storm come tuesday and some cold weather going to start to come in from the gulf of alaska. some of these places struggle to get into the 50s as we look toward wednesday and thursday. showers continuing friday and saturday. we had a month and a half with dry weather here in the bay area. >> my mom was on vacation for a month and she came back to brown grass. i was supposed to take care of her yard. we need the rain. thanks so much. the zoo is showing love to their newest addition. the zoo's new baby hippo was make ago splash and all the animals are celebrating. the lemurs will be smooching. the giraffes will be necking. it's been two years since the zoo has had a hippo and they are so happy to have him.
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>> everybody was really looking forward to the day he came and when he unloaded. it's been a lotted of fun getting to know him, watching him get to know his surroundings and just seeing how well he is doing here. >> visitors are encouraged to share their love for the new hippo. if you bring hearts and hugs, you can get $1 off regular admission. so, i'm driving to work one night and i'm going real early, claiming i need to get a parking place, but really i need to get up to the bar. >> a very dark place. how he did it with some help from an incident that ended up in a dark place of her own when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the area more beautiful. china town had a team of hard working volunteers to thank for making the area more beautiful. volunteers spent this morning gardening, getting rid of
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graffiti, picking up litter and painting. the public works department asked them to come out to celebrate chinese new year by making the city clean and green. ed lee kicked off the day's event. >> i want to make sure everybody knows that beautifying our neighborhood is the number one objective of our team, but building that partnership is so important throughout the city. we will do more of that in this coming year. >> this was the city's first committee team of the year. a performance by chinese lion dancers where their reward for a hard day's work. >> the south bay got into the spirit of chinese new year with a celebration at santana row. revelers listened to booming drum beats and crashing beats, as well as other chinese performances. chinese new year floats circled
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the shopping center so everyone could get a personal closeup look at them. no change tonight in the condition of oscar winning actress, elizabeth taylor. the 78-year-old will remain in the hospital for observation. taylor was admitted to los angeles earlier this week for treatment of congestive heart failure. she suffered with that condition for years. taylor had to cancel an appearance, where she was to receive an award for her work in aids research. dr. dre and bob dillon to lady georgia. gaga. in the audience, a legendary bay area bluesman who got some unexpected help from a child
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who is up for an awart. ♪ [ music ] >> always say the blues is your comforter when you are down and your buddy when you're up. my name is charlie and i play harmonica. >> douglas born january 31, 1944 in the rural hills of mississippi. raised in memphis by a sing l mother and schooled by some of the greats on the south side of chicago. >> i'll never forget being on the stage in this little club next to muddy waters playing harmonica. how did i get up here, you know? >> in the 60s, charlie ended up in the san francisco bay area, where he met henryieta, the love of his life. >> she's my best friend and my wife and my manager and my favorite person.
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>> charlie has been nominated for a grammy for album called the well. the title song, telling the story about how a little girl helped charlie get sober. >> i quit drinking in 1987. i had a career in alcohol that didn't work out. >> my last hurdle was to get on stage sober. so i'm driving to work one night and i'm going real early. really want to get up there to the bar. i'm listening to the news and this little girl in texas named jessica lacure is filling the well. >> all this time, doctors and other volunteers were listening to jessica. ♪ [ music ] and it's a real life and death situation. they don't know if they can get
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her out. ♪ [ music ] >> i thought wow, that's it. i'm not drinking until they get her out of that well. it was a prayer for her, because i really wanted her to live. it took more than two days, 58 long hours. [ applause ] but jessica finally got out of the well, so did charlie. >> i thought i would start drinking again after they saved her. after they got her out, i was out, too. i didn't need to drink anymore. >> he says on that day, they both escaped from hell. and he says he hasn't had a drink since. you can see the grammy award show tomorrow night at
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8:00 p.m. on cbs 5. go charlie. st. mary's and uss square off at the hill top and george lopez shows off his moves at pebble, but who is silting on top of the leader board? that's next in a minute. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew.
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the finals are set at the sp open. bill, start the clock. steve moreno is 18 holes away from his first career win, despite shooting a 71, moreno is at the top of the leader board. over in dubai, tiger shot a 72,
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but picked up three strokes, leaving him one back heading into tomorrow's final round. st. mary's, up by 16 points in the second half. they won 86-68 to take a two- game lead with just three to play. >> stanford gives up a season high 87 points and has to settle for the split up in washington. the huskies won. santa clara race to 20 point deficit. 60 to 56. evan knocked down the go ahead three. it's win number 16 for the broncos. and curt bush takes the flag thanks for hamlon. you kent can't do that. that would be a good look for you e merging from the smoke when you come out to do the newscast. >> don't i usually? >> all right, thank you so much. that does it for us. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs5.
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>> you're hot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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